50 Hottest Messages That Will Make Him Want You Dirty (2023)

We are living in times which sending a text has replaced eye-to-eye communication. Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram are covered all our needs in a relationship.

We can send a text, a photo, an audio message.

Thus, when you just found a new partner, hot texting is a part of your communication.

Getting sexy messages comes to spicing up love life. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, it a necessary element to keep relationships warm along with the best long distance sex toys.

The hot texting doesn’t have any secrets and much of a science. You don’t need to know the right formula on how to make your partner want you.

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While they all fall for dynamic texting that their imagination stirs up. You don’t need to send dirty texts.

You should be natural and know his wishes. If you find a key from your partner’s imagination, you can be sure that you make him want you as soon as possible.

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Sexy text messaging has the extreme power to boost your sex life if you feel boring. And take it to another level.

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1 Benefits Of Sexting

2 Tips on how to act while sexting

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3 Sexting Categories

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4 Innocent Texting

5 Dirty Texting

6 Texting Romantic and Sexy

8 Straightforward Messages

9 Funny Sexy Texting

10 Visual Sexy Teasing Texts

11 Conclusion

Benefits Of Sexting

  • You can create intensely sexual tension;
  • Your sex life will spice up;
  • Boosts your sexual energy;
  • Less stress;
  • More emotional intimacy;
  • Increase self-esteem;

Tips on how to act while sexting

Don’t write a lot

Write your imagination shortly. Don’t write essays. You may make him bored if he gets a lot of messages. Ambiguous texts leave him a lot of space to continue the conversation.

50 Hottest Messages That Will Make Him Want You Dirty (3)

He should ask a lot of questions. When he stops of questions to ask, your texting is over.

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Send hot texts by your mood

If you don’t feel what you write, don’t write anything. He will see your mood on the message.

You have to be self-confident

When women show a bit of initiative, men like it. The stupid rule that men must text you first is not going to work. Write something that gets his attention.

50 Hottest Messages That Will Make Him Want You Dirty (4)

Send hot texts by how close you are to the man

If you don’t know the person, don’t send dirty messages. Perhaps, he won’t like it, and you may screw up the first impression.

Know when to end the conversation

If you see that he’s answering shortly, probably, he had enough. Don’t force the conversation if you don’t know a lot of engagement from his side. It’s just pointless.

Keep it simple. You have to wrap the conversation up in a way to leave him wanting more. You should intrigue him in what you have to say next.

Don’t ask him out first

Be patient! You should show confidence and sometimes make the first move by texting. However, don’t invite him out first. If he likes you, he will make the first move without your approach. You may scare him off if you are persistent.

Compliment him

All men love compliments even more than women do. Tell him his benefits, what you see, how handsome he is. You have to be careful not to overdo.

He should think that you are honest with him. Some complimenting can go in the direction of flirting.

Then, you make him want you.

Stay true to yourself

Be yourself. Don’t show him that you’re not.

If he doesn’t like a natural you, then you don’t have anything to do with him.

Don’t waste your time trying to change his thoughts.

Sexting Categories

If you have different moods like innocent, dirty, romantic, teasing, funny for texting, we prepared specific categories that resemble particular text types. You may jump to that section and get inspiration for your text.

50 Hottest Messages That Will Make Him Want You Dirty (5)

Feel free to make the hottest texting cocktail!

  • Innocent Texting
  • Dirty Texting
  • Texting Romantic and Sexy
  • Texts Teasing and Flirting
  • Straightforward Messages
  • Funny Sexy Texting
  • Visual Sexy Teasing Texts

Innocent Texting

The type of testing helps to turn a guy fall for it every single time. They are so smitten by an innocent message. Guys see mystery in the text.

  1. I’m so shy to tell you what I’m thinking right now.
  2. My thoughts are making me blush. I can’t do anything with them.
  3. Oh…if, you know what’s on my mind… but I can’t tell you. You will see a completely different person when I feel comfortable.
  4. I’m odd now… Took a bath and I’m so naughty. How are you doing?
  5. It just has the most awesome shower ever!
  6. Just read info the caffeine boost a woman’s libido. I’m so shy to ask that…but that’s a reason why you invited me to coffee? 🙂
  7. I can’t stop thinking about…What do you do when you have it?
  8. What is your magic? I can’t stop thinking about you
  9. Good morning. I had the dream, but I’m not sure that I may tell you that. It was so the dirtiest dream.

Dirty Texting

Dirty messages are direct and therefore fit for those who are in a long time relationship. You may schedule a time when the two of you want to meet.

50 Hottest Messages That Will Make Him Want You Dirty (6)

Set them before he goes to see you. It is a great way to show him how much you want him and excited to see. He may be shocked to get these types of messages from you. But your sex will be unforgettable after texting.

  1. Could you unhook my bra? Here. Now.
  2. I want you so bad. Now!
  3. I want to feel your hands, lips on my body. I love it when you do … to me.
  4. My body is so hot and excited to feel you.
  5. I can’t stop thinking about our time together when we were …. and doing dirty sex.
  6. I love your sexy hips when we rub. I love every touch of your lips when we are together…
  7. You can’t imagine how much I want you and where I want you!
  8. Your mouth is what I want to get now!
  9. Your dominance makes me a dirty girl. I want to feel as you grab my hair and push me up…
  10. I’m going to have a shower because I’m so dirty. I come back

Texting Romantic and Sexy

If you’re in a romantic mood, this type of texting is perfect for you. Your attention toward one another will boost and create a stronger connection between both of you. If you want to know how much you love the things you do together, let’s write a romantic text.

  1. I love you so much — every moment when your skin touches me. When you hold me tight, it makes me feel extra turned on!
  2. I can’t stop thinking about what we would be doing together if you were here…
  3. I have a wish. When we are together and lying next to each other naked and enjoyed…
  4. It feels like we’re on another planet when we’re together.
  5. Every inch of my body wants to be undressed by you. No inch left untouched by your muscular touch and bite…
  6. You can’t imagine how much I need you. I want to give all of myself to you!
  7. Only you look deep into my eyes. And understand my wishes and thought.
  8. I want to make love to you everywhere… under the starts, other plants, or just on the balcony.

Texts Teasing and Flirting

Teasing texts make men go crazy for you. It’s like challenging his patience. The accent is on posing teasing questions and flirting with him. Don’t overdo it. It might make him horny.

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  1. Do you have any ideas about what I can do with myself? I’m so bored now.
  2. Can’t take off my bra… Where are you now? Maybe you come over and help me?
  3. That’s an unusual mood right now… I could do any strange things that you have in your head…
  4. My yoga classes have made me super flexible. Do you want to check it?
  5. I forgot to wear panties today…I don’t feel comfy with them.
  6. I’m so untidy; I made a mess while eating yogurt. It’s over my boobs!

Straightforward Messages

You should be direct in this type of massage. No guy wouldn’t instantly get horny when they receive a hot straightforward text. Dominance equals straightforward. You tell him directly what you want. And what you want from him.

  1. Last time I loved the way you turned me on. I want to get this again…
  2. I’m going to buy lingerie…but I need your help. Could you come over with me and help me to choose?
  3. Would you like to get details of what I want to do with you if I was there?
  4. No matter how much I had you, I want you again
  5. I can’t wait to feel you inside me
  6. I want you so badly!
  7. Do you prefer shaved or trimmed “down there”?
  8. Do you know when I become wet? After your words…

Funny Sexy Texting

Funny texts help you if you want to entertain him and turn on. They have a teasing vibe and make him curious without questions. Funny texting will break your routine. If you just met each other, don’t use this one because you don’t know his sense of humor well.

  1. What is your crazy fetish? Vampires? I’m kidding. Or not…Lol.
  2. Do you have such a twisted sense of humor?
  3. Do you think that my boobs are too big to now wear a bra for a job? Lol
  4. I have a weird fantasy…like on a fairy tale. Wanna know more?

Visual Sexy Teasing Texts

Guys like see your picture in hot outfits or hot positions or with sex toys. They can’t help themselves to call you.

Be sure that you trust this person on one hundred percent. If you don’t know a person well, check another type of message.

Here are some ideas for sending pictures for visual sexy teasing texts.

  1. You are in clothes without panties
  2. You cover your boobs
  3. Naked picture in a provocative pose
  4. You are with sex toys
  5. You are in a sexy shirt


When you want to do sexting, ask yourself if they resemble your personality. Are you comfortable with sending them?

You should stay true to yourself because it is the only way to turn him on.

Sexy text messages or pictures improve your moods, wishes, and inspiration.

Never change yourself if you’re not comfortable with it.

Just be yourself and relax!

50 Hottest Messages That Will Make Him Want You Dirty (7)

Alison J. Claussen

Alison has been in a long distance relationship for over 5 years. She knows all the challenges and pleasures of ldrs perfectly well. Alison is happy to share with you all her personal experinece and tips on ldr through her blog posts. Stay tuned!


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